NBA players - stats and where they are from

Stats on players born between 1915 and 1997
User: Datasmoothie • June 8, 2017

Description publishes data about when NBA players are born, all the way back to 1915. We came across the data on and have made it available on Datasmoothie for anyone to do some crunching.


Name Type
3P Number
3PA Number
3P % Number
AST Number
AST.1 Number
BLK Number
City Category
Date Date
Month born Category
Weekday born Category
Year born Category
FG Number
FGA Number
FG % Number
FT Number
FTA Number
FT % Number
G Number
MP Number
MP.1 Number
ORB Number
PF Number
PTS Number
PTS.1 Number
STL Number
State Category
TOV Number
TRB Number
TRB.1 Number
Yrs Number