Camden Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Camden Borough's hygiene standards in restaurants, takeaways and food shop
User: Datasmoothie • May 19, 2017


The Food Standards Agency in the UK runs the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to help consumers choose where to eat out or shop for food by giving them information about the hygiene standards in restaurants, takeaways and food shops.

Camden Council, the local authority in the London Borough of Camden, have been leading the way when it comes to opening up its data to the public. Via its portal, Open Data Camden, the council provides access to data all the way from every single tree in the borough to license applications and the hygiene rating scheme featured here.

The main variable to look out for is the rating value, which is on the scale of 1-5 and is the number many establishments put in their window. This is comprised of the hygiene score and confidence in management.

Source: Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Camden Dataset


Name Type
Business Type Category
Confidence In Management Score Number
Hygiene Score Number
Rating Date Date
Rating Date Month Category
Rating Date Weekday Category
Rating Date Year Category
Rating Value Number
Ward Name Category